One reason is the amount of wash and folds we do for visitors coming into town.

According to AIRDNA as of 7/7/2022, there are 6,135 active rentals in Scottsdale. We knew there had to be a large amount due to the high volume of laundry we launder for the management companies and their guests. But I didn’t expect it to be that many! We looked deeper and found out some more interesting facts about the Scottsdale Airbnb business.

Currently, the Average Daily Rate is $318 with the occupancy rate hovering around 67 percent. 2 bedroom units have the most listing followed very quickly by 3 bedroom units. The average guest party is around 7 individuals per booking. No wonder there’s so much laundry to do!

We just wanted to share with you some facts about the Airbnb business in Scottsdale according to AIRDNA.