Gift Certificates for Students, the Elderly, New Moms, or Birthdays

We were talking to a friend the other day and they were trying to figure out something to get their elderly mom who lived in another state for her birthday.  She lives on her own still at the age of 79 and has everything she needs.   For the most part, a gift certificate or gift card is something that involves going out shopping and as I said – she had everything.

We told her about something fun we started last year – laundry service gift certificates.  On a whim, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and add gift certificates to our list of products and services and it actually took off.

We get calls on a regular basis from customers in state and out of state asking about a variety of gift certificates.  A woman gives a $50 certificate to her friend, a new mom who just had her first baby, and another man who lives out of state gave a month’s worth of laundry service to his mother after she broke her wrist to help take some of the stress off while she was healing.

Truly, the list goes on and on – ASU students, elderly, new moms, disabled, we even had one for a 50th birthday present as a fun “over the hill gift” that the guy was getting too old to do his laundry and needed to hire it out!  Her mom lived back East and after a little investigating online, she was able to find a laundromat that offered the same kind of gift certificates.  It was a true hit!